4 Services Offered by CTL Pest Solutions

One of the best parts of owning a home is getting to share it with friends and family. However, when unwanted guests begin to invade your walls, floors, and roof, owning a home can feel more like a hassle than an enjoyment. That’s why CTL Pest Solutions offers quality pest control in Rio Rancho, NM to protect your family, your home, and your health from unwanted invaders. Read all about the services we offer, then contact us to have your pests exterminated!

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Residential Pest Control in Rio Rancho

CTL Pest Solutions offers residential pest control services in Rio Rancho and surrounding areas. We will inspect your home for existing pests and pest activity, as well as identify potential points of entry. We take care of a variety of pests, including:

  • Bed bugs

  • Ants

  • Roaches

  • Mice

  • Spiders

  • And More

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Commercial Pest Control

At CTL Pest Solutions, we understand that the health and safety of your customers are your top priority. That’s why we offer comprehensive inspections and treatments to identify and eliminate any existing pests, as well as provide preventive measures to help prevent future infestations.

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Pigeon Pest Control

Pigeons can cause a variety of problems, like spreading diseases and damaging property. However, pigeons also play a vital role in helping disperse seeds and control insect populations. That’s why we offer removal methods that make sure they leave your property quickly but safely.

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Rodent Pest Control

When it comes to rodents, you need the help of an experienced professional to not only get rid of these pests, but help you take measures to ensure they don't return. Our team at CTL Pest Solutions can evaluate your property, determine the infestation level and mitigate the problem safely so you can get back to relaxing.

Whether you are a resident or business owner, CTL Pest Solutions has the experience you need to remove or exterminate any unwanted guests that have invaded your space. Get the pest control in Rio Rancho and Albuquerque, NM that you need today!

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